About Us

About Collegiate Connexion:
We are two students at Bowling Green State University, soon to be graduating both with degrees in journalism and minors in marketing. While taking the steps to apply our experience on-campus to our "real world careers" we are figuring out more and more that no matter how much you prepare there are some things in life you just can't expect! We are here to report the unexpected.  We have developed a blog for junior and senior college students who are looking for a variety of information related to their career decisions, financial issues and relationship drama.  Follow our posts for tips and tricks we have researched and some we have even experienced. 

About Taylor:  As a senior, I thought I had the world mastered and much figured out since my freshman year not to long ago.  However, while preparing for graduation, moving out of my sorority house and actually attempting to achieve my career goals, I realized it may take me another four years to figure out the real world and my place in it.  From consolidating and paying off my loans to figuring out my next step in my relationship with my boyfriend, I have found myself about to make some major life changing decisions.  I hope to record my experiences and research in this blog to help support other students going through these similar situations. 

About Kayla:  As a transfer student to BGSU, I was completely ready and excited to experience all that true college life had to offer.  However, now being a fifth year senior getting ready to be thrown back into my parents' house and into the real world, I have found my eager attitude to experience a new chapter in my life has turned to fear!  With a career focus in broadcast journalism, I have begun to search for my first job and find my own financial stability, all while moving back to Butler, Pennsylvania. I am excited to share my final semester and findings with all of you!