Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kayla's Last Post

With Thanksgiving already behind us and Christmas quickly approaching, there's a lot on everyone's minds concerning family, friends, and of course, school.  With my graduation ceremony almost two weeks away, I'm personally starting to feel pressures I've never felt before from all aspects of my life.  However despite these anxieties, I do feel that BGSU, my parents, and the experiences I have had that last four years of my life have prepared me for this epic moment.

I hope you, too, are feeling somewhat prepared to take on this next step of your life, aka the real world.  I hope this blog has helped you face some of the trials and tribulations that senior year of college brings, and I thank you for letting Taylor and I be part of your journey : )

With that said, embrace every moment you have left of "the best years of your life".  Whether it is a semester, a year, or a few weeks, take in every moment because soon your college life will be gone forever.  Luckily, the memories, experiences, and friendships you've made here will last a lifetime.

As I enter into my new phase of life, I will try to update you guys on my life and happenings. I wish everyone a safe holiday and a happy new year!

Posted by: Kayla Molczan

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