Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dos and Don'ts of Thanksgiving Break

A Turkey.Image via Wikipedia It's finally here.  The holiday where it's okay to eat to the point of physical pain, sleep, then eat again.  We all know and love Thanksgiving and appreciate what the Pilgrims did for us back in the day.  But as college students, Thanksgiving break brings on meanings past the turkey and stuffing.  It's a time to relax with family, catch up with old friends, and run into your entire graduating class at the local bars on "the biggest bar night of the year."  Here are some Dos and Dont's from Collegiate Connexion to ensure you get the most out of your turkey break as possible : )

Do: Request all of your favorite foods from Mom and Grandma, and then bag up the leftovers to make sure you'll be eating good until Christmas break.
Don't: Tell your parents how you've been surviving off of the McDonald's dollar menu so you can use the cash they put into your account for beer money.  Some secrets are better left unsaid. 

Do: Take the best shower of your life in your impeccably clean bathroom at home, using your Mom's expensive shower and freshly-washed towels.  
Don't: Go into detail about how you and your roommates have yet to clean the vomit off of your toilet seat from last weekend's date party. They won't laugh.

Do: Call up your old friends, order some pizza, and have a girls night exchanging all the crazy stories from this semester.
Don't: Spend every waking minute with your BFF's. As much as Mom says it doesn't bother her when you're constantly MIA, it does. It won't kill you to pencil in some much-needed family time. 

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